Company profile


RADIANT is a Public Insurance Company limited by Shares, with Frw Share Capital. It has its
Headquarters at Avenue du Commerce KN 2 Avenue Kigali, Rwanda. The Company started its operations
immediately after being licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda.

Our business model is client focused. Our clients are placed in the heart of our attention because they are the
backbone of our business philosophy. We strive to foster long term relationships with our clients and we are
continuously aware of their expectations from us. Our local knowledge is of paramount importance to our
business. As a homegrown insurer, our knowledge, be it technical, business environment, regulatory or cultural
nature, brings us closer to our clients than any other insurer and allows us to design better solutions for their
needs and problems.

RADIANT is a solid barrier between your business and the unpredictable. Whatever happens, you do not have
to worry any more. Come to us with your challenges, we shall work together to find the best and appropriate
insurance solutions for you.